3D Animation helps a lot in understanding complex medical procedures through animation videos. The benefits of well-produced medical animation have been proven effective, and bring a unique benefit to medical marketing and training efforts.

Cutting-edge 3D modeling and animation offers several advantages. These presentations can graphically simplify complicated concepts and convey complex inter-relationships, which are difficult to visualize. Concepts and ideas, which cannot easily be represented in words or even through illustrations, can be easily created and viewed from different angles.

Animation can combine vast amounts of scientific data into a compact package, which can then be presented simplistically. Animation captures attention, and the information which is presented as a moving image is retained by the viewer for a longer time and with greater accuracy.

Animation can re-create an event, which is too expensive or too dangerous to reproduce, eg. an aircraft accident. Scenes which have been altered or which no longer exist, eg. demolished buildings or colonies to be constructed can be easily re-created through animation.

Virtual light sources from different angles are used with reflections, transparencies and shadows to optimize the photo-realistic effect.

On-line, Animation video immediately engages website visitors in a way that simple text and static graphics cannot. Powerful, streaming, video enables you to create motion graphic content to personally introduce your services and products directly to prospective clients. Web video with computer animation boost your professional credibility to high profile markets, demonstrating clearly your value proposition. This clearly separates you from your competitors and with added impact. Web video is the most effective way to communicate and generate new business 24/7.

There are categories where one require 3D Medical Animation

  1. Medical Device Marketing Animation
  2. High-tech Medical 3D Animation (All Areas of Medical)
  3. Surgery Simulation and other Surgeries (Human and Animal)
  4. Microbial 3D Medical Animation
  5. Product Marketing Video
  6. Surgery Training
  7. Simulations of emergency situations for military trainees
  8. Research

Why choose Medical Animation?


3D Animation explains more in less time. Video presentations and illustrations are simply unable to deliver the dynamic function and freedom of 3D animation. Any structure can be cut in half or made transparent, allowing audiences to see through anything and focus purely on the most important aspects of the presentation.

1 minute of 3D animation can deliver as much information as 1800 2D illustrations, 3000 pages of written text, 1 hour of spoken lecture and 10 minutes of surgical video.


Depending on the complexity and content, computer generated 3D animation may cost little more than many other forms of media content. In some cases, it can be significantly more affordable. When compared to high-end traditional live-action production-which requires actors, sets, and production crews for everything from lighting to makeup-animation is unbeatable. Because computers do the bulk of the work and can be produced 100% in-studio, the entire budget makes it to the screen instead of being wasted on overpriced union talent, transportation, insurance, or location fees.

Comprehensive and Effective

Nothing explains complex surgery, anatomy, or medicine as well as 3D animation. A study performed in 2005 found that medical students who viewed 3D Animation teaching methods outperformed a control group (who viewed only surgical videos) not only in topographical understanding but also in theoretical understanding.

Indian pharmaceutical companies are increasingly looking to produce drugs for the global market. Historically, large Indian pharmaceutical companies have produced generics (drugs that are off-patent) where margins are lower and the requirement for cutting edge marketing is less also. “Every doctor knows what a Lipitor or Neksium is, so there’s no need for an MOA (mechanism of action) video” says Dr Manissha Sharma, Director, Doctors Hub polyclinic, Gurgaon, “but for new procedures and drugs, they really help.”

Increasingly, the focus is on Drugs that are for global consumption and are less-generic. One such area is biosimilars, also known as biologics. Biosimilars are drugs which are produced or recombined from living organisms. It’s an exciting new area with the global biosimilar market projected at $10billion dollars in 2015, of which the Indian market would be about $300m (source: business standard).

Founded in 2004 by veteran Indian-American entrepreneurs Girish Khera and Ashish Khera, Scientific Animations is a full-service medical animation and integrated e-learning solutions company with a unique value proposition.

Scientific Animations has announced a new team to service the needs of the Indian market. Currently, the Indian pharmaceutical market is over $20 billion and growing at more than 15% per year. “US pharmaceutical companies spend over 25% of revenue on marketing. However, in India, they estimate this is less than 10%, and with only 1% of this on graphics and animation, the market was never attractive for them,” says Girish Khera, MD, “but now we see that for drugs that are globally oriented, and non-generic, such as biosimilars, the level of spend on marketing as well as on high quality 3D animation is rising.”